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San Marcos, Texas Apartment and Relocation Information

Every year thousands of new students, employees and university workers come to San Marcos to work and study. Many of these people have no idea what San Marcos has to offer in terms of entertainment, recreation, dining, and housing. If you are relocating to San Marcos, and are searching for your new apartment, condo, townhome or rental property, we are here to help! Below we provide a taste of San Marcos, its apartment and rental property markets, history, entertainment venues, recreational and shopping areas even information on some of the largest employers.

There is too much to cover on this page, so if you are relocating, we definitely suggest you take advantage of an experienced San Marcos apartment locator to not only help you in your rental property decisions, but also give you more insight on how to make the most of living and renting in San Marcos. Here are some websites that provide resources for your apartment search as well as apartment locating services specifically for San Marcos:

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So, what make San Marcos so special…

The seat for Hays County, and home to Texas State, one of the largest universities in the Texas, San Marcos offers a very unique lifestyle that seamlessly combines the charm and pace of a small town with the convenience, amenities and jobs of a city.

The San Marcos area is considered to be one of the old continuously inhabited spots in the Northern Hemisphere. The earliest cultures associated with this area lived more than 10,000 years ago and were probably drawn to the area by the bountiful Edwards Aquifer and the large spring system that feeds the San Marcos River. This is same river which later brought the first Spanish visitors in 1689 and which still entices people to the area today.

The river provides cool clean water the serves booth as recreation and to fill the faucets of the San Marcos population. The lush canopy and green lawns that surround the river are a favorite for students and residents alike. Tubing the river from City Park is a very popular pastime, and even helps raise funds for charity through the local Loin’s Club. While the river provides many excellent pastimes, it is also a center for scientific research for marine biology, due to the many rare species that inhabit the area, and archeology. The headwaters of the river, Spring Lake, is now owned and operated by Texas State as a research and educational facility. In past decades this area, known as Aquarena Springs, was actually a very popular amusement park with a still operational glass-bottom boat that allows visitor to the see the aquatic life.

At the heart of San Marcos is Texas State University, formerly Southwest Texas State. Texas State was founded in 1903 as Southwest Texas State Normal School, as school to fulfill Texas’ desperate need for teachers. Today the school has more than 29,000 enrolled students annually and is the fifth largest university in Texas. It is considered a Tier 1 institution and was ranked 12th Best Public University in the West by US News and World Report’s 2010 Best Colleges. Texas State is the only Texas university to have a United States President as an alum. Lyndon B Johnson graduated from Southwest Texas Teacher’s College (as it was known then) with a teaching certificate in 1930.

While education is the main economic driver in San Marcos, farming and cattle ranching, tourism, light industry and recently retail have been economic drivers for the area. With the opening of the San Marcos Outlet Malls, more than 350 stores and over 1,000,000 sqft of retail space came to the area causing day tourism to skyrocket. Shopping here is so popular that hotels have been constructed near the malls to accommodated multi-day shoppers. The malls are a huge draw for residents of central Texas from San Antonio to San Antonio because of their strategic location between the two cities. The malls provide thousands of jobs for the students and residents of San Marcos each year.

As we said before, San Marcos offers all of the conveniences of a larger city, and as such, it is not without dining and entertainment. Some notable restaurants and bars include Cool Mint Café, Herbert's Taco Hut, Valentino's, Hill Country Grill and Martini Bar, Grins Restaurant and San Marcos River Pub & Grill overlooking the tube shoots. The town square offers many local bars and restaurants in walking distance to the college and some of the older neighborhoods.

Also near the town square, students can find beautiful turn-of-the-century rental homes in the some of the older neighborhoods. Texas State campus offers dorms, as well as many apartment options either on or within walking distance to campus. Larger, luxury apartment communities have popped up all around the outskirts of campus and along I35 for easy access to the school as well as the Interstate. You can also find my privately-owned condos and townhomes in neighborhoods throughout the city that area available for rent.

If you are considering San Marcos as your next home, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Having an apartment locator who is deeply familiar with San Marcos can help you make the most of your experience in the city. An apartment locator can guide you through the apartment market; as well as the lifestyle, amenities and opportunities San Marcos has to offer. This will not only improve your apartment search success, but it just may improve your entire San Marcos experience!
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