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San Antonio Apartments: Tips for Renters

It can be a challenge to rent an apartment in San Antonio if you're not familiar with San Antonio’s apartment rental market, or with the city of San Antonio in general. There are lots of factors that goes into choosing the right place lease - whether it be a town home, condo, apartment, duplex or loft – there's some things people often don't think about that can have a hugh impact on how much you enjoy your new home.

When our experienced staff evaluates a San Antonio apartment there are many things we consider. In addition to the obvious factors like number or bedrooms, unit availability, pet policies, rent and location but also the following:

1. Floor plan: You know how many bed and bath rooms you need but what about the floor plan layout? Did you know you have options? While many apartments have similar floor plans per the number of bedrooms, they often have subtle differences that can make a each apartment unique. For example, where are the washer and dryer located in the apartment? How close are the bedrooms to the apartment’s front door? Do individual rooms have balconies vs. one main balcony? Did you know some apartments offer a den? You would be surprised at the variety, so don’t just go on number of bedrooms and baths and assume each unit is the same. One may be better suited to your needs.

2. Noise Level: Once you consider a specific apartment community, it's not a bad idea to visit it during the evening or on the weekend and if possible the exact apartment unit you're considering. If you only visit during the week, while most people are at work, you won't get a true sense on what your potential neighbors are like. Don’t forget – corner unit apartments have less adjoining walls, so they often don't have many noise issues, and apartments on top floor don’t have any overhead noise.

3. Staff: The leasing agent is not the one who will be fixing your dishwasher if it breaks; and he or she is often not the property manager. It's best to meet these people before moving in. Introduce yourself and have a short conversation, so they are more likely to remember your name and face if there is an issue you need to address later on.

4. Age of building: While there are many quality apartments that are not brand new, the age of the building is a factor in several aspects such as price, maintenance and style to name a few. Consider how this might affect the apartment floor plans, amenities and maintenance. Then weigh that against any potential budget savings on rent and the proximity to the location you want. This can help you make an informed decision.

5. Location of Apartment within the Apartment Complex: By location we mean the apartment unit within the apartment community. Do you want to be close to the pool or near a greenbelt? Do you like morning sun vs. afternoon sun on your balcony? Location of an apartment within an apartment complex can make or break your experience living there and should be something you think about.

6. Safety: Most people have a general idea of the safety level of the area they want to live in and just assume all apartment complexes located in that area offer the same level of safety. That just isn't true. Safety measures can vary greatly between apartments in a particular area of San Antonio. Everything from security alarms to the lighting in the parking lot can affect the safety of an apartment community. Be sure to speak with your apartment locator agent about your safety concerns. If you're a woman living alone or have children, you may have additional needs that make this an important factor in choosing the best place to rent.

While there are almost infinite issues that we could address when talking about renting, we do not have a enough space here to look at them all. That is why apartment locators are such a good resource when looking for your next apartment. Plus our services are completely free to you. We can help save you time and money in your San Antonio apartment search.

To take advantage of our free apartment location service, just fill out our form and we'll respond right away!

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